Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

“Nothing is wrong with the LORD’s institution of marriage. It is an umbrella that works but only if you open it up. It is to be used according to the Manufacturer’s design.”

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To bring renewal & wholeness to marital unions and to fortify those entering the gates of marriage, using God’s redemptive, restorative ideals and proven solutions in the Word of God.


Intensive Intervention for God’s first Institution

How It All Began

God’s Anatomy for Marriage, under the auspices of Divine Intimacy, started in October 2020 with the Introductory Cycle, its first 21-day intensive intervention for couples.  The Facilitators of God’s Anatomy for Marriage are:
  • God the Father, the Master Designer of Marriage
  • God the Son, the Minister of Reconciliation
  • God the Spirit, the resident Wonderful Counsellor

The cycles are based on books authored by Ruth Lawrence

Introductory Level – based on the 21 aspects of His anatomy as published in What a God! The Anatomy of the Almighty. In 21 sessions we looked at Adam & Eve, the very first couple created by God. As we looked at the voice of God, we discovered that Adam & Eve heard the voice of God together. They were in the same place at the same time of the day, positioned to hear the voice of God together. As couples we need to do the same.

Intermediate Level – based on the 21 aspects of His anatomy as published in What a Saviour! The Anatomy of the Almighty.  In 21 sessions we looked at 21 couples from the Bible and highlighted the place that we have in Christ our Saviour. So for example, the Cheek of God is a place of commitment and we looked at Aquila & Priscila and their commitment as a couple to the Apostle Paul and to the ministry of the LORD.

“The LORD designed the institution of marriage as a covering, shelter, shade, protection for all who desire to come under its shade.”

Marital Resources

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What a God!: The Anatomy of the Almighty Kindle Edition

Why does God say of Himself in Exodus 33:20-23 “…then I will remove my hand and you shall see my back but not my face…” It is that we understand Him even more fully and prayerfully make intimate connections with Him in worship, in witness, and in our walk with Him. It is that we can boast that we have the understanding to know Him, that He is the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these He delights. Explore with us the Anatomy of the Almighty and discover for yourself What A God He is!

To embrace Marriage God's Way is to embrace what every couple longs for

God's Anatomy for Marriage

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